Associations / Corporate

Associations / Corporate

CENTUNION belongs to the following business associations:

The Spanish Exporters Club

Was founded in 1997 by a group of companies with large experience in international markets.

The member companies, from small to big size, belong to different economic sectors.

Their export activity, amounting to 3.600 million Euros, stand for a substantial share of the Spanish export sector.

These companies operate all over the world, being most of them present through their own delegations in the traditional or emerging markets, both of great importance for the Spanish economy.

The foreign investment expenditure figure of the member companies exceeds 18.000 million Euros.

Regardless its size, every Spanish company, already present or willing to be present in the international markets through exports or investment, is invited to join the Spanish Exporters Club.

Board of Directors

Chairman: Balbino Prieto (Director of Nova International)

Vice-Chairman: Alberto Recarte (Vice-Chairman of Centunión España)

Vice-Chairman: Antonio Bonet (Chairman of ACE International Trade Consultants)

General Coordinator: Carlos Gereda de Borbón (General Manager of International Market of Alcatel)

Members: Rafael Ruiz-Villar (Director of Sucomex) Manuel Valdés Colón de Carvajal (Vice-Chairman of BBVA Trade) Antonio Santamaría (International Business Manager of Indra) Ángel de Alburquerque (Director of Eductrade) Leo Aflalo (General Manager of Emex) Pedro Mejía (Institutional Relations Manager of Soluziona) Domingo Vegas (International Business Manager of Necso) José María Vizcaíno (President of Ramón Vizcaíno Group)


is the national, voluntary and not-for-profit Business Association founded in 1964 and engaged since then in promoting the Spanish Capital Goods Industry.

Its members are companies, corporate groups and associations of more specific scope related to the Engineering, Manufacture and Assembly of Capital Goods. The Association admits any enterprise, irrespective of size or the source of its capital, provided that it is legally incorporated in Spain, carries on any of the activities referred to and evidences the requirements of quality and commercial professionalism the Association demands.

It has at present 174 Individual and 7 Group Members, so that more than 600 enterprises are directly or indirectly linked to the Association.

As an association, its structure allows the formation of Groups, bringing together companies in the various specialized fields so that their particular problems can be dealt with in an intermediate forum, with understanding and with a spokesperson in the association as a whole.

Tecniberia – Federation

To belong to the Association, the company must be legally established and its main target must be Studies, Projects, Supplies and “Turnkey” Contracts in any field of Industrial Engineering such as Energy, Mining, Environment, Industrial Plants, Chemical and Petrochemical Plants, etc.

The Association began with a firm commitment to carry on activities of general interest in order to attain certain targets of which the following may be highlighted:

- Enhancement of corporate image.
- Promotion of the Association’s representation.
- Intensification of relations with the institutions.
- Defence of collective company interests with the Bodies.
of the Spanish Administration, the European Community and clients in general.