CENTUNION, Española de Coordinación Técnica y Finanaciera, S.A., is an engineering company which uses the most advanced technologies for processing, coordinating and administering the technical, economical and financial stages of industrial installations, from desing through startup. Its complete independence, along with highly qualified personnel and its proven experience in international business means it can conclude collaboration agreements with other Spanish and foreign companies whenever necessary.

CENTUNION’s, activities began in the nineteen-sixties, at a time of marked industrial development in Spain.

It was then involved in major projects with both foreign and Spanish companies participating in the massive industrial investment in this country at that time.

The solid standing it achieved in its operations on the local market and its thorough knowledge of the Spanish capital goods manufacturing industry, along with the increasing competition there using the most advanced production techniques and materials, led to a natural opening to the international market, on which CENTUNION participated to the point where it became a significant company in the sector of the export of large capital goods and complete industrial plants.

In recognition of its work, CENTUNION has in recent years received Export Awards from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Madrid, granted to the leading export enterprise.

CENTUNION has become one of Spains most important exporters