Quality - Environment

Quality - Environment

CENTUNION, Española de Coordinación Técnica y Financiera, S.A.  is a Spanish engineering firm devoted to the design and construction of industrial plants and infrastructures. The company typically undertakes the functions of general contractor, coordinating and taking responsibility for the various technical, economic and financial stages of the projects.
One of its important activities is the Engineering, Design, Supply and Construction of Bridges, an activity to which CENTUNION aims to provide continuous and strong support to make the most of its experience in this field, and to meet the terrestrial communication needs in those countries and locations with major deficiencies in this type of infrastructures.
Fully aware of the importance of quality and respect for the environment in which we live, CENTUNION has implemented an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System applied to Engineering, Design, Purchasing Management, Project Management and turnkey projects, concerning the supply and construction of bridges, in compliance with the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 9001 and UNE-EN ISO 14001 standards.
Within this management system, CENTUNION establishes, develops and revises its Integrated Quality and Environmental Policy, focused on achieving full satisfaction of our customers and utmost respect for the environment.
CENTUNION considers that the customer not only purchases a product but an entire array of services. Therefore for the purpose of achieving full client satisfaction while ensuring our proper environmental performance the following principles shall be adhered to:
• Strict compliance with all requirements impacting the project, both those of the client, stipulated in the contracts, as well as the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to Design, Engineering, Supply and Construction of Bridges on the turnkey basis, including environmental legal requirements or any other requirements voluntarily undertaken by Centunion.

• Commitment to continuously strive for improvement in our activities and always safeguard the environment protection.

• Provision of products and services to a customer must be focused on effectively meeting their needs.

• Customer satisfaction must be ongoing throughout the development of the project and remain once the project is completed. Acting with the utmost diligence and rigor in the answer and / or resolution of any matter raised by the client is a must.


The Integrated Management System relies upon the Senior Management commitment. CENTUNION's Senior Management shall use all available means to ensure that the Procedures and Processes that comprise the Integrated Management System add value and be effective. Continuous improvement of the system will be pursued through objective analysis and measurements and the subsequent implementation of corrective actions.
The quality of supplies, the correct environmental performance and a strict control in the logistics of transports to the work as well as the establishment of the appropriate structure for the monitoring and control of the construction works are regarded by CENTUNION as essential aspects in the implementation of projects for the Design, Engineering, Supply and Construction of bridges on a turnkey basis. All this within the execution deadlines and budgets set in the contractual documents with our clients. To achieve these goals, detailed attention shall be paid to the requirements that our suppliers and subcontractors must meet, maintaining with the same a highly professional relationship based on trust and strict compliance with the respective obligations.
The CEO of CENTUNION is the first responsible for establishing and maintaining this Integrated Policy, through its control, its periodic review, and ensuring the necessary resources are available to carry it out.
The Integrated Policy applies to all levels of the organization, through the use of the Procedures established by the Integrated Management System.
The CEO undertakes to communicate and explain the Policy, and ensure that the same be understood within the organization. The Policy is publicly stated and explained in the timely meetings held by the CEO with all staff.

Objectives and goals shall be established at the proposal of the quality and environment responsible within the Policy framework once approved by the CEO.

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