Scope of Services

Scope of Services

CENTUNION’s services range from preliminary feasibility studies to the construction and complete supply of turnkey industrial installations.

Contracting is also possible individually for any technical, commercial and financial services part of any large industrial project.

The services the company offers include selection of the most suitable licensees for projects, with consideration among other things of possible clients preferences.

CENTUNION’s usually takes on the functions of general contractor and deals with the preparation of agreements with licensees and companies collaborating on the project, either as subcontractors appointed, or forming joint ventures during the term of the project.

CENTUNION’s Madrid offices monitor the engineering for the basic disciplines involved in the project, civil engineering and structures, mechanical and rotary equipment, the handling of solids, piping and recipients, electricity and automation. The project team coordinates all the activities and carries on its own, such as management, scheduling, and control of project costs.

- Handless the purchase of equipment and materials, on both the Spanish and international markets.

- These services are complemented with those for activation and inspection:

- Manages and supervises dispatch and transport of equipment and materials from works to the site.

- Programs and supervises the civil engineering, assembly and startup.

- Sets up training courses for assembly, maintenance and plant operating personnel.

- Provides after-sales technical assistance and spare part supply.