Fields of Activities / Steel bridges

CENTUNION has significant experience in the design, supply and erection of modular steel bridges.

The design and supply of considerable amounts of steel structures, account for a very important part of CENTUNION’s engineering activities when implementing industrial plant projects. Rooted in our experience in steel structures we have developed our own design for modular steel bridges.

CENTUNION’s modular steel bridges system is designed to satisfy the need for infrastructure in those places which are located in remote areas with difficult access, thus promoting the communication network necessary for the development of the regions. CENTUNION’s modular steel bridges are designed according to international norms for highway bridges such as AASTHO, EURO CODE or BRITISH STANDARD and therefore are suitable for any kind of road or railway.

CENTUNION has significant experience in the design, supply and erection of modular steel bridges, having been involved in important projects in Southeast and Central Asia, South America and Africa.

The erection of the modular steel bridges is very simple, the auxiliary means needed are very few and the use of qualified manpower is not necessary.

The supply of the modular steel bridges is complete, including reinforced neoprene bearings, seismic buffers, handrails, as well as the necessary hydraulic jacks and tools for the erection of the different components of the bridge.

This modular system has been designed for low maintenance requirements, and for that reason the steel structure and bolts are not dip galvanized. The basic procedures for maintenance are described in the erection manual, which is delivered together with each bridge.

CENTUNION engineering department designs arch and cable suspended steel bridges.